The Moms Project

The Moms Project, a scholarship fund established by USF employees to honor their mothers, supports undergraduate students pursuing research in the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences.

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Scholarship Recipients

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Moms Honor Roll

Ellen Nizzi
(Catherine Batsche)

Ruth Boothroyd
(Roger Boothroyd)

Alice Armstrong
(Mary Armstrong)

Doris Ann Anderson
(Rene Anderson)

Katherine Anderson
(Jodi Northway)

Shirley Barker
(Storie Miller)

Paula Blakeslee
(Anna Abella)

Margaret Brady
(Evelyn Chandler)

Dorothy Caruso
(Dae Sheridan)

Carolyn Clark
(Colleen Clark)

Carolyn Clock
(Ann Eddins)

Patricia Val Hills Cottrell
(Holly Hills)

Gayli Craver
(Houston Gill)

Ruth S. Dutton
(Richard E. Dutton)

Edith K. Eggleton
(Patricia Dutton)

Sylvia Espinosa
(Julie Kuhn)

Bettie Gould
(Nancy Bangston)

Edie Hanley
(Crystal Johnson)

Mary Betty Hartmann-Smith
(Beatrice Smith)

Delores Holt
(Cassandra Thomas)

Ethelyne Jones - Grandmother
(Dave Jones)

Jennifer Jones
(Adeline & Beckett Jones)

Char Kuhn
(Julie Kuhn)

Evangeline Lazear
(Kathy Lazear)

Celia P. Lescano
(Celia M. Lescano)

Shirley Lindsay
(Patricia Cleveland)

Wilma MacLean
(Wanda MacLean)

Barbara Pistoia
(Christine Rover)

Geraldine Verna Robst
(John Robst)

Norma Saavedra
(Henry Saavedra)

Lucille Schonfeld
(Larry Schonfeld)

Marie Louise Shern
(David Shern & Mary Evans)

Kyu Sun Tajari
(Kimberly Molnar)

Tia Tedder
(Jesse Tedder)

Linda Vanderbrook
(John & Scott Young)

Yuko Kusakabe Yongue
(Marion Yongue)
Honor Your Mom

We invite you to honor your mother or the mother of a friend by making a contribution in her name. Your contribution will support an undergraduate student who is conducting research. Make your contribution on-line here. Select 530028: The Moms Project Honor Roll. You may participate in the Moms Project by selecting any of the following options:

Endowed Scholarship$25,000
Rotating Scholarship$5,000
Platinum Honor Roll$1,000
Gold Honor Roll$500
Silver Honor Roll$100
Bronze Honor Roll$25

* Contributions may be made for the entire amount or may be paid over a five year period. Please contact Melissa Thammavongsa at (813) 974-2327 or to discuss the possibilities.

Thank you for your support of The Moms Project!