Study Abroad Spotlight: 2017 Ireland Study Abroad Program

Still not convinced? Continue reading about our recap of the 2017 Ireland Study Abroad Program and what it entailed.
The 2017 Ireland Study Abroad Program: Global Behavioral Healthcare: Solutions to Homelessness in the U.S, Ireland, Europe (Wales) and Canada successfully completed its fourth year. Led by Mark Engelhardt (Faculty – MHLP), the program included 10 students from 9 interdisciplinary majors. Based out of Trinity College, Dublin for the first week, the students were immersed in classroom lectures from Dr. Eoin O’Sullivan and Dr. Paula Mayock (Trinity College); Sarah Sheridan (Focus Ireland) and Dr. Steve Gaetz and Melanie Redman (York U. Canada; A Way Home). Dr. Peter Mackie, from Cardiff U.,Wales presented at several community panels along with Mike Allen, a leading Irish/European advocate for ending Homelessness. The students were truly “engaged in the community” with an expanded array of field experiences in “Housing First Dublin” (Adrian Quin), employment and rural site visits by the Midlands Simon Community in Athlone ( CEO-Tony O’Riordan). A centerpiece of the program was Dr. Sam Tsemberis (U.S.) the founder of Housing First, now an international model. Of course, the students were “welcomed” throughout the trip by the people of Ireland and Irish Educator, Michael O’Connor from Killarney. Student testimonies are available! Slainte’ (Health).
Even though this trip may be over, you can apply today to start your own adventure next summer!