USF Partnering to offer Community Integration Specialist Training

The National Center on Homelessness among Veterans and the University of South Florida Partner to offer Community Integration Specialist Training

The National Center and the University of South Florida (USF), Florida Mental Health Institute have developed a course specifically for Veteran peer specialists working in VA Homelessness Programs. MHLP’s Larry Thompson, Deborah Heller and Colleen Clark lead USF’s efforts on the project.

The 20-hour training offers a detailed focus on issues of homelessness and housing and is designed to both increase the knowledge of Veterans already serving in peer support positions in homelessness-related programs and provide a basis for new employees to work as Community Integration Specialists.

The course is hosted by USF and constructed in an online modular design that is available and useful in VA and non-VA systems. Completion of the course will provide a mechanism for Veteran peer specialists to become certified in Community Integration by the University of South Florida.

The modules combine video, lectures, interviews, and discussions by subject matter experts from the VA, the university, community and national leaders, and Veterans. Many of the modules or classes also include other related resources that may be helpful to the participant. Each module includes a quiz and a glossary.

Upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate from the University of South Florida certifying s/he is trained as a Community Integration Specialist.

The training is available at http://vatrainer.cbcs.usf.edu/login/index.php