Congratulations CBCS Student Employees of the Year!

Congratulations CBCS Student Employees of the Year!

Christopher Barclay, CFS, Graduate Assistant

Christopher Barclay, and his leadership skills, work ethic, and determination, has been an integral part of the Florida Department of Education's Now is the Time AWARE Program. As part of this program, Mr. Barclay has supported the development of the statewide evaluation plan, which spans across youth programs at the school and state level, ensuring the evaluation plans meet national requirements. He has been able to supplement this program with his proficiency in program evaluation methods and assessment. During his time at AWARE, Mr. Barclay has implemented a number of programs that make it easier to carry out the evaluation plan. Some of these programs include designing document data collections, protocols and procedures, and developing technical tools and resources that simplify the evaluation process. Aside from his main duties, Chris also participates in projects such as a workgroup focused on universal emotion and social and emotional screening.

During his time at AWARE, Chris Barclay has grown as a leader, person, and student. He is able to voice his opinions and ideas in a respectful way and responds to feedback well. He goes above and beyond the requirements to not only complete his tasks successfully, but to better himself as a worker. As Mr. Barclay steps into the workforce, he will continue to influence and inspire those around him with his passion for his career and research.

Brianna Aquino-Moreta, Dean's Office, Student Assistant

As a student worker in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences Office of Human Resources, Brianna Aquino-Moreta has emerged as a student leader. Ms. Aquino-Moreta was first hired, along with several other student workers, as an assistant to scan HR files into an electronic file-sharing system. This complex project required both training and guidelines to complete. Although Ms. Aquino-Moreta had little previous work experience and possessed a shy demeanor, she quickly stood out from her peers because of her work ethic, attention to detail, and diligence. Not satisfied with merely processing paperwork, she asked insightful questions in an effort to determine the best ways to proceed. Shortly thereafter, she was making suggestions on how to improve and streamline the process.

During a period when the previous project head was out of the office, Ms. Aquino-Moreta assumed a leadership role. She impressed everyone with her leadership skills and she continues to set an example to others. She trains new students and keeps everyone on track in completing their assignments. She works with both office personnel and other student workers, acting as a liaison between the two employee groups. Ms. Aquino-Moreta is so dedicated to her work that she created a blog others could access in order to make training and the HR file-scanning process simpler. Because of her dedication and hard work, this project has been a success.

Brianna Aquino-Moreta is the epitome of a leader. She is responsible, reliable, innovative, and intelligent. Other students become better employees because they work with her. She is easy to collaborate with, extremely dedicated, and projects a professional demeanor in all she does. When Ms. Aquino-Moreta enters the workplace after college, she will be a force to be reckoned with because of her outstanding work ethic and skills.