CBCS Student Receives Award on Research at 10th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

Congratulations to Monica Landers, CFS Social & Behavioral Researcher and third-year Criminology doctoral student, who received an award for her research at the 10th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium.She presented on her work involving the evaluation of CHANCE-a program providing services and supports to youth identified as victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).  
Given Monica's interest in delinquency and juvenile justice, she focused her research on commercially sexually exploited youth involved in the juvenile justice system.  Her research findings provided support that youth strengths mediate the relationship between delinquency and youth outcomes.Specifically, she demonstrated how active engagement in treatment, conventional peer relationships, and relationship permanence mediates the relationship between justice-involvement and both behavioral needs and risk behaviors. 
Youth who were engaged in treatment, had positive peers, and who had stable relationships predicted a lower number of actionable needs and risks.  Post hoc analyses showed 12-20% of the total effect of these relationships were mediated by youth strengths.  Her findings provide support for strengths-based and trauma-informed approaches to treating victims of CSE.  Monica will now present her research at the Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium in Tallahassee.