Social Work Student Accepted into Prestigious Summer Internship with Emory University

Social Work Student Accepted into Prestigious Summer Internship with Emory University

Charisse Reid, Social Work student, submitted an application for a summer internship through Emory University and was selected as a finalist. The process was competitive. She interviewed with six agencies in the Atlanta area, including the Stephanie Blank Center Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the DeKalb County CASA, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, the Prevent Child Abuse GA, and the Voices of GA's Children. She subsequently submitted a ranked list based on her preference for placement.


She was selected to do an internship with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (her first choice). She successfully completed a background check. She will participate in orientation and training seminars at Emory University between May 21st and 24th, where she will join other interns.  May 28th will be her start date.


This summer internship opportunity will afford her the opportunity to engage in research on causes of death in young people (0- 18 years of age) in order to enhance practice and policy that mitigate the current burden of deaths in that population. The internship will influence research-informed practice for better child care and practice-informed research on relating factors in child deaths. In addition, the research will be done at the state level, impacting policy creation for all state agencies involved in child protection.


Her part in the agency will consist of investigation of available data on state-wide deaths, reviewing police and sheriff data, and seeking consent from families to reopen unsolved cases. In addition, she will have the opportunity to observe forensic specialists as they look into biological factors that may not have been noticed in the initial investigation.