CBCS Employee Recognition Awards Program Recipients Announced

June 7, 2011 –

Dr. Cathy McEvoy and Gail SmithThe College of Behavioral & Community Sciences honored the first two recipients of its Employee Recognition Awards Program last month. The award honors the achievements of Administrative, Staff, and OPS/Temporary employees for their extraordinary achievement in the workplace and advancement of university, college, and department/school goals.

The inaugural recipients are Michelle Kunkel, Mental Health Law & Policy and Gail Smith, School of Aging Studies.

Dr. Celia Lescano praised Michelle’s dedication in helping get people hired for her grant and what things could be purchased with a P-card. Dr. Roger Boothroyd praised Michelle’s willingness to always help out and for being there to lend support, knowledge, and expertise.

Dr. Cathy McEvoy shared a story about how Gail became the School of Aging Studies Undergraduate Advisor and said she always has the correct answers when problems arise. Dr. Bill Haley admires her willingness to help out all students and even get students interested in the field of Gerontology.

Some of the criteria used to select individuals for the award are:

In addition, for the College reaching its participation goal of 35% for the Faculty/Staff Campaign, one lucky donor was given the opportunity to “pie” Interim Dean Batsche and MHLP Chair Roger Boothroyd. Six pies later, they were both covered in whipped cream. Dr. Batsche commended the College for its contributions to the campaign which leads to different scholarships for students.