“Mindfulness for Health”: A Collaborative Project for the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling and the College of Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling is excited to announce a new collaborative project with the College of Medicine. "Mindfulness for Health" is a series of Mindfulness-Based workshops for first and second year medical students enrolled in the College's SELECT program. The SELECT program, directed by Dr. Alicia Monroe, Chief Academic Officer, Vice Dean, Educational Affairs, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, is a unique educational track in collaboration with the Lehigh Valley Network in Pennsylvania. This program is a departure from conventional medical school training in that it has a more robust focus on patient-centered care, investing substantially in professional formation to support empathetic and effective patient-physician relationships, an understanding of the interaction between the health care and family systems, and the use of integrative health modalities and wellness approaches.

This new effort is an ideal "fit" for the Department of Mental Health Counseling's Integrative Mental Health Care Certificate program, coordinated by Gary DuDell, PhD. The certificate's emphasis on collaboration between counselors and other health care professionals, use of integrative mind/body modalities, and wellness and the SELECT program's mission are a perfect blend for students.

The "Mindfulness for Health" project focuses on helping students develop a deeper awareness about the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness practice, particularly stress reduction, for their future patients and themselves, enhance their communication skills and provide emotional support for the patient and family, and better understand the connection between positive lifestyle habits and health. This collaborative effort is an exciting and innovative effort by the Department and the College of Medicine to bring an integrative care orientation to the community.

For more information, contact Gary DuDell, PhD at gdudell@usf.edu or 813-974-1257.