Ardis Hanson speaks at the National Library of Aruba Lecture series

Ardis Hanson, PhD, of the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, was the inaugural speaker at the National Library of Aruba Lecture series on 30 October 2013 in Orangjestad, Aruba.  Dr. Hanson spoke on the role of expert and evidence in public policymaking, with an emphasis on mental health policymaking.  The lecture series was open to the university and the public and very well attended.  In addition to her lecture, Dr. Hanson also spoke with representatives from several health care organisations, including Gino Goeloe, director of Wit Gele Kruis Aruba, an independent health care foundation focused on community-based care, and Clarice Holman, of the Fundacion Pa Nos Muchanan, which is devoted to children's issues.  Two elements of Dr. Hanson’s speech that were seen as critical issues for Aruba were the taboo surrounding mental illnesses and inclusion of all persons with mental illnesses and their family members at the services delivery and policy tables.