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CBCS Faculty Receive Interdisciplinary Seed Grant

Dr. Celia Lescano of the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy recently received a $50,000 grant to study the behaviors of young homosexual men in the coming year. The study, titled "Health Assessment of Sexual Minority Young Males in Tampa: A Bio-Behavioral Snapshot" will examine mental and physical stresses associated with reduced lifespan present in the population.

"The primary objective," the proposal states, "is to assess mental health morbidities, biologic and behavioral markers and health behaviors. The secondary objective is to assess biologic markers associated with stigma and stress in MSM youth and to assess the feasibility of establishing a bio-behavioral clinic in Ybor City."

Lescano's co-PIs include Dr. Patricia Emmanuel (College of Public Health); Diane Straub, MD (College of Public Health); and Dean Julie Serovich (College of Behavioral and Community Sciences). Congratulations to the entire team!

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