Brent J. Small, Ph.D.

Brent J. Small, Ph.D.

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Description of Research Interests

Broadly, my research has examined longitudinal changes, and individual difference predictors of change, in the cognitive functioning of healthy older adults, as well as persons who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer,s disease (AD). In addition, I have pursued a line of research that examines measures of cognitive performance as a means of identifying individuals who are at risk of developing AD. More recently, my work has focused on cognitive changes associated with treatment for cancer, as well as the genetic correlates of this change. Finally, I have been involved on several projects that have applied advanced longitudinal statistical analysis to better understand developmental processes. This includes the use of structural equation modeling, latent change analysis, growth mixture modeling, and random effects models.

Professional Service

Ongoing Research Support (Alphabetical by PI)

F31MH094095 (De Nadai) - 07/01/2013-06/30/2015
NIH/NIMH - $37,481 (annual total costs)
Alliance and Mechanisms of Mediation Adherence in Pediatric Psychiatric Practice
This dissertation support grant will examine adherence to medications among children with anxiety and depression diagnoses.  I will serve as a mentor to Mr. De Nadai as is relates to the best statistical treatment of his study data.
Role:  CollaboratorPercent Effort:  0 Calendar Months (effort in kind)

R01 AG008235 (Dixon) - 09/01/13-08/31/19
NIH/NIA - $373,827 (annual total costs)
Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Aging
In the Victoria Longitudinal Study (VLS), a series of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies pertaining to the description and explanation of changes in cognitive performance in late adulthood are conducted.  The research is designed to examine the extent and trajectories of aging-related cognitive and memory changes, as influenced by (a) patterns of differential decline in theoretically derived classes of influencing/cognitive components, and (b) conditions representing selected physiological, health, and lifestyle characteristics.
Role:  Consultant
Percent Effort:  0 Calendar Months (consultant arrangement)

RSG-12-087-01-CPPB (Jacobsen/Meade) - 1/1/2012 – 12/31/2015
ACS -$1,157,000 (total direct costs)
Self-administered Stress Management Training for Latinas Receiving Chemotherapy
The primary aim of this study is to examine a culturally-tailored stress management intervention among Latinas receiving chemotherapy for cancer.  I am the statistical co-investigator on this project.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  0.9 Calendar Months (7% of effort)

R21 CA191594 (Jacobsen) - 01/01/15 – 12/31/16
NIH/NCI - $475,141 (total costs)
Internet-Assisted Cognitive Behavior Intervention for Targeted Therapy Fatigue
The proposed research focuses on the development and initial evaluation of a cognitive behavior intervention (delivered via videotelephony) that is designed to address fatigue in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia being treated with extended oral therapy.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  0.36 Calendar Months (3% of effort)

R01 CA164109 (Jim) - 09/01/12 – 08/31/17
National Cancer Institute - $545,516 (annual total costs)
Sickness Behaviors During Chemotherapy for Cancer
The major goals of the project are to examine immunologic predictors of longitudinal changes in sleep, fatigue, and depression in gynecologic cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  1.2 Calendar Months (10% of effort)

(McMillan) - 05/01/2013-04/30/2016
PCORI - $1,984,020 (total direct costs)
Patient Outcomes of a Self-care Management Approach to Cancer Symptoms: A Clinical Trial
The goal of this project is to evaluate the COPE intervention as it relates to cancer symptom management among persons undergoing active treatment.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  1.8 Calendar Months (15% of effort)

(Rivers) - 05/01/2013-04/30/2016
PCORI - $1,336,457 (total direct costs)
Navigator Guided e-Psychoeducational Intervention for Prostate cancer Patients and their Caregivers
The objectives of this community-based randomized control trial are to examine the impact on QOL outcomes of a six-week community navigator (CN) guided psychoeducational intervention (PHIN) versus print education (PE) among men who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and their caregivers.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  1.2 Calendar Months (10% of effort)

(Scott) - 12/31/14-12/30/15
American Cancer Society – Institutional Research Grant
Daily Cognitive Functioning Among Cancer Survivors
The objective of this project is to examine daily cognitive functioning among breast cancer survivors using smartphones.  The aims of the study are: (1) To examine the correspondence between objective assessments of cognitive performance and subjective memory failures in daily life; and (2) To identify characteristics of individuals and features of their daily experiences that predict which survivors will show cognitive deficits and when they will report cognitive difficulties.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  0.0 Calendar Months (0% of effort; no salary support allowed)

2P30CA76292-08 (Sellers) - 02/01/2012 – 01/31/2017
NIH/NCI - $2,787,198 (total direct costs)
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute Support Grant
To provide leadership for the cancer center which includes cell biology, immunology, clinical investigations and cancer control.
Role: Co-I (Biostatistician)
Percent Effort:  0.12 Calendar Months (1% of effort)

R01 MH093381 (Storch) - 07/01/2011-02/28/2015
NIH/NIMH - $225,000 (annual direct costs)
1/2-D-Cycloserine Augmentation of CBT for Pediatric OCD
The goal of this project is to examine whether augmenting cognitive behavioral therapy with 1/2-D-Cycloserine for children with Obesessive-Compulsive Disorder will improve response to treatment.  This study represents an innovative approach in translating bench research findings into clinical research and testing a new approach for augmenting an effective psychotherapy with a safe non-psychotropic medication. I serve as statistical co-investigator on this grant.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  0.6 Calendar Months (5% of effort)

R01 MH100212 (Storch) - 01/01/2013-12/31/2016
NIH/NIMH - $150,000 (annual direct costs)
2/3 Treatment of Anxiety in Autism Spectrum Disorder
The current project proposes a randomized clinical trial to eventual the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy relative to an education/support/attention active control condition to alleviate anxiety symptoms among children with Autism spectrum disorders.
Role:  Co-I
Percent Effort:  0.36 Calendar Months (3% of effort)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:  Published and in press  (* indicates student first author)

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Honors and Awards


Fellow, Association for Psychological Science


Sue V. Saxon Outstanding Teaching Award, School of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.


Outstanding Faculty Research Achievement Award, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.


The Margret M. Baltes Early Investigator Award in Behavioral and Social Gerontology, Gerontological Society of America.


Fellow, Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging), American Psychological Association


Fellow, Behavioral and Social Sciences Section, Gerontological Society of America

2002 President’s Award for Faculty Excellence, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Classes Taught

GEY 4401 - Research Methods in Gerontology
GEY 6403 - Advanced Statistics and Research Methods
GEY 6934 - PhD Seminar in Cognitive Aging
GEY 6934 - PhD Seminar in Psychological Aging