Goldstein, Howard, Ph.D.

Goldstein, Howard, Ph.D.


I have maintained a steadfast commitment to intervention research for 40 years. I have sought to develop and evaluate interventions to teach functional social, language, and literacy skills to individuals with a variety of disabilities. I have engaged in research across the life span, but my primary focus has been on early intervention and prevention, especially in the following areas:

Currently, I am investigating school- and home-based interventions to improve language and literacy outcomes in children with developmental delays in high poverty communities. My collaborators and I continue to work on developing a model for identifying at-risk children early so we can provide a multi-tiered approach to preschool instruction that targets language, emergent literacy, and socio-emotional skills that are critical to school success. Through iterative intervention development, our small-scale studies inform revisions and refinements in our treatments, our measurement schemes, and our implementation tactics. Our larger experiments seek to scale up interventions within existing systems to evaluate effects in authentic settings and to engineer sustainable interventions.

B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara 1976
M.S. University of Washington, Seattle 1978
Ph.D. Peabody College of Vanderbilt University




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