Lee, Jungmee, Ph.D.

Lee, Jungmee, Ph.D.


Jungmee Lee got her BA in Psychology from Seoul National University, South Korea and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from University of Florida (advisor: David M. Green). She did her postdoctoral trainings with Sid. P Bacon at the Arizona State University and Glenis Long at the graduate center of the City University of New York. Prior to joining USF, she worked as an instructor and senior scientist at University of Wisconsin-Madison, worked as a hearing scientist and project manager for Hearing Assessment Reformation Project (HARP) at Northwestern University, and was a faculty member at the University of Arizona.  Her major training is in experimental psychology, specializing in auditory perception (psychoacoustics).  The research focus has been on perception mechanisms of time-varying signals like speech and music (auditory temporal processing) in both normal and impaired hearing systems.  Recently, her research has been expanded to combine knowledge of physiological measures (i.e., otoacoustic emissions) and psychoacoustics to better understand the auditory system.  She used to teach Suzuki Piano while she was on motherhood leave.  Another passion other than hearing science and piano is photography.


B.A. (Psychology) Seoul National University 1988
Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology) University of Florida 1994
Post-Doctoral Fellowship Arizona State University 1994-1995
Post-Doctoral Fellowship Graduate Center at CUNY




Selected Publications