Declaration of Major

Declaration for USF Tampa campus major only

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Academic Information

*Social Work is a limited access major and will require departmental approval before we can finalize your acceptance into the program.
**Due to major pre-requisites and the lock step nature of the Communication Science and Disorders program and its concentrations, students are required to see an academic advisor before declaring the major

*Effective Fall 2011, a 2.00 USF grade point average is required to declare all majors with the exception of Social Work which requires a 2.75 to declare.

Florida Public AA Degree      Florida AS Degree      Out of State AA Degree      Other Degree

I hereby acknowledge that I am responsible for meeting all graduation requirements as outlined in the academic policies and college section of the USF catalog.

I have read the Degree Progression and Completion Deadlines Policy , Florida's Excess Hours Surcharge Policy and have checked my Excess Hours Counter. I hereby understand the impact that it may have on my major change/declaration.