Dobbs and The Great American Teach In

Debra Dobbs, Associate Professor in School of Aging Studies, was part of The Great American Teach In at Veteran's Elementary School, Wesley Chapel.  Using an Aging Sensitivity Kit, third graders learned about physical challenges faced by most elders such as vision and hearing loss. Further, students used a dexterity pillow to button, tie, and zip materials while wearing gloves (pictured above) to simulate decreased agility from arthritic joints.

Students also filled pill bottles and learned about medication schedules and the importance of adherence to medications. Finally, Dr. Dobbs explained that her research focuses on how to care for older adults in nursing homes and assisted living who need hospice care as they approach end-of-life. A number of the third graders knew about hospice and end-of-life care because they had a great grandparent or grandparent who had received hospice care.