Dr. Hyer announced as Gerontological Society of America (GSA) President

Dr. Kathryn Hyer

Dr. Kathryn Hyer, Professor and Director, Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging at USF, has officially taken office as GSA's President. Dr. Hyer is the 76th
person to hold the office since the Society was founded in 1945.

"For 75 years, GSA has helped lead our conceptualization and understanding of age and aging. Our work has helped countless older adults, families, professionals caring for older adults, and communities," Hyer said. "We have accomplished a great deal over the history of GSA, but now is our opportunity to focus on our next 75 years. I'm hoping that at our 2020 meeting we can have lively discussions about how we help the next generation of students and scholars think about aging," Hyer said. For more information, visit the official press release:https://www.geron.org/press-room/press-releases/2020-press-releases/1125-hyer-takes-office-as-the-gerontological-society-of-america-s-president