Dr. Small conducted research on nutritional supplement linked to cognitive performance

Dr. Brent Small is Professor and Director of the PhD program in the School of Aging Studies at the University of South Florida. His research has examined the cognitive functioning of healthy older adults as well as older adults at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Small was part of a research team that tested a nutritional supplement called NT-020 that has been used in a study of aging adults to improve their cognitive performance. The supplement contains extracts from blueberries and green tea as well as vitamin D3 and amino acids.

Over a period of two months, fifty-two participants took the NT-020 supplement while fifty-three were given a placebo. Memory tests were taken before and after the trial. At the end of the study, research revealed that the fifty-two participants who took the supplement showed improvement in cognitive processing speed.

The supplement has been patented by the University of South Florida and is commercially available as NutraStem.

This research has received much attention from the media over the past few months. Here are the links to a few of the news stories.