Invited presentations at ASA by 4 CSD faculty

Four USF CSD faculty were invited to lecture at the recent meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Indianapolis Indiana.  Dr. Catherine Rogers presented a talk entitled “Vowels in clear and conversational speech: Within-talker variability in acoustic characteristics” in a special session to honor her mentor Dr. Diane Kewley-Port. 

Drs. Ann Eddins, David Eddins, and Joseph Walton each presented talks in a day-long special session on Central Auditory Dysfunction.  Dr. Walton’s talk was entitled “Neural correlates of central auditory processing deficits in the auditory midbrain in an animal model of age-related hearing loss.” Drs. Ann and David Eddins co-authored two invited presentations entitled “Aging as a window into central auditory dysfunction: Combining behavioral and electrophysiological approaches” and “Age-related declines in hemispheric asymmetry as revealed in the binaural interaction component.”

In addition, Dr. Rogers contributed a presentation entitled Graduate studies in acoustics, Speech and Hearing at the University of South Florida, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders” and Dr. David Eddins contribute presentations entitled “Towards standard scales for dysphonic voice quality: Magnitude estimation of reference stimuli” and  “Perception of breathiness in pediatric speakers.”