Dr. Steven Surrency: Coordinator of Global Issues in CSD!

The Communication Sciences & Disorders Department is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Surrency has taken on an additional role – Coordinator of Global Issues in CSD! This new role is in addition to his current role as Instructor in both the Language, Speech, and Hearing and the Interpreter Training programs. Dr. Surrency is a linguist and a certified sign language interpreter with expertise in ethnic, religious, and disability-related diversity. He has Master’s degrees in both applied linguistics and philosophy, and he earned his Ph.D. in philosophy and religion with a dissertation on cultural and linguistic issues. In addition, Dr. Surrency is fluent in multiple languages- both signed and spoken.   

In his role as Coordinator of Global Issues, Dr. Surrency will oversee the department’s efforts at globalization and international outreach. Specifically, he will:

In Italy, Dr. Surrency has established relationships with La Sapienza University’s Department of Sense Organs and with the Instituto Statale di Sordi di Roma (Italy’s national Deaf school). He is working to form partnerships with institutions of higher education in Belize as well. He will support Michelle Bourgeois’s partnerships in Brazil, and Amy Davis’s in London. The department greatly appreciates Dr. Surrency’s commitment to CSD and USF, and we look forward to the possibilities this new role will bring!

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