Participants Needed for CSD Research Study

Participants Needed for CSD Research Study

Dear USF community,

 We are currently recruiting children for a research study: "Lexical effects in speech perception in normal hearing listeners."

 Participant requirements:

6-7 years old

Monolingual, native speaker of English

No history of speech, language or hearing impairment*

 *Participant hearing will be screened. Receptive vocabulary and phonological awareness skills will be assessed.

 Participants will attend one session, during which they will listen to speech that has been developed to simulate listening with a cochlear implant, and non-degraded speech. Total participation time is expected to take 60-75 minutes.

 Parents may bring their child to the Psychology and Communications Disorders (PCD) building for participation in the study, or they may opt to have the study take place in their home.

 There are no known benefits to children who choose to participate in this study. Children will receive compensation in the form of a small toy for their participation.

 If you have a child that meets the requirements and would like additional information regarding their participation, or have any questions, please contact Jane Smart at