Three CSD students receive the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award.

Four CSD students presented their research at the Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium.

Leanna Houston, Ioanna Tagarelli, and Mireidys Martinez received the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award for their work. 

Project titles and presenters are displayed below.

Title: The effect of listening and communication enhancement training (LACE) on gap detection thresholds in older adults as measured using the adaptive tests of temporal resolution
Presenter: Ioanna Tagarelli

Ioanna Tagarelli
Title: The effects of brain fitness cognitive training on auditory processing speed in older adults
Presenter: Yunet Holmes
Yunet Holmes
Title: Exploring the speaking mind/brain in children: Brain electrophysiological correlates of picture-word priming in 8-12 year olds.
Presenter: Leanna Houston
Leanna Houston
Title: Speech intelligibility in children with speech sound disorders: Conversation versus single-words.
Presenter:Mireilys Martinez
Mireilys Martinez