SRI@FMHI Scholars Present Top-Notch Research Projects

Students from the Summer Research Institute's (SRI) class of 2014 delivered top-notch research projects on Tuesday, August 5. Each year, SRI hosts a number of undergraduate students from across the nation for a 10-week summer program focused on research and education in the field of mental health and substance use disorders. Students are mentored by faculty as they structure and execute research projects and deliver their findings. This year's students and mentors were:

Melissa Barongi
University of South Florida

Larry Schonfeld, PhD (MHLP)

Angela Cai
University of Oklahoma

John Robst, PhD (MHLP)

Cydney Cole
Bowie State University

Heather George, PhD (CFS)

Crystal Dorsey
Morgan State University

Alison Salloum, PhD, LCSW (SW)

Kimrey Holmes
Clemson University

Mary Armstrong, PhD (MSW)

Jennifer Lanza
University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Kathy Moore, PhD (MHLP)

Grace G. Liu
University of Texas - Austin

Rex Philpot, PhD (Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences), Lynn Wecker, PhD (PBN)

Kelly Logan
California State University - Fullerton

Bryanna Fox, PhD (Criminology)

Symone A. McKinnon
San Diego State University

Kya Conner, PhD (MHLP)

Megan Porter
University of South Florida

Roger Boothroyd, PhD (MHLP)

Nakaissia Reed
University of South Florida

Norin Dollard, PhD (CFS)

Sarret Seng
California State University - Long Beach

Rex Philpot, PhD (PBN), Lynn Wecker, PhD (PBN)