MHLP Assistant Professor Conducts Workshop at National Prevention Network Conference

Khary Rigg, PhD, recently conducted a workshop at the National Prevention Network Conference with prevention specialists, policymakers, and clinicians about the drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly. This year's conference was held in Buffalo, NY and had as its theme "Advancing a Prevention Agenda in an Era of Health Systems Reform." His workshop included a brief history of MDMA, a discussion of what's driving MDMA's popularity, and an explanation of the link between MDMA and sexual risk taking. He also clarified some popular myths about MDMA, as well as provide attendees with information on what is currently being done to reduce MDMA use and the harm it causes to users. Dr. Rigg also shared some preliminary results from his recently completed project on MDMA use among African-Americans. His results show that initiation patterns, motivations, and use patterns contrast sharply with other groups of MDMA users suggesting interventions tailored specifically for African-Americans are needed. The workshop was profiled on the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids website.