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" Building Strong Communities"

(Tampa, March 9, 1998)

The USF Collaborative for Children, Families and Communities welcomed Lisbeth B. Schorr to the Hyatt Regency Westshore on Monday, March 9, 1998, for a panel titled "Building Strong Communities," from the perspective of social policy and human service programs.

Ms. Schorr's most recent book, Common Purpose: Strengthening Families and Neighborhoods to Rebuild America, shows that high rates of single parenthood, child abuse, youth violence, school failure and intergenerational poverty can be turned around. The groundwork for her provocative argument is laid with an analysis of what makes for success on a small scale, and why so many models of excellent schools, effective job training, and wonderful early childhood programs have remained only models. She was here in Tampa to share these insights with the community.

Ms. Schorr is a lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard University, and Director of the Harvard University Project of Effective Interventions. She also co-chairs the Aspen Institute's Roundtable on Comprehensive Community Initiatives for Children and Families, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Harvard Project on Schooling and Children. Ms. Schorr has woven many strands of experience with social policy and human service programs together to become a national authority on improving the future of disadvantaged children and their families.

Other panel members included James Mills, Executive Director of the Pinellas Juvenile Welfare Board, Luanne Panacek, Executive Director of the Hillsborough County Children's Board, and Chloe Coney, CEO of the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa. Jean Amuso, Director of Social Work, was the moderator of the panel.

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