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" Forum to Examine Ethical Issues in Death Penalty Cases"

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(Tampa, March 18, 1999)

Should a psychiatrist provide treatment to a death row inmate ruled incompetent, perhaps thereby making the inmate competent to be executed? That is one of the ethical questions facing mental health practitioners in capital sentencing cases. Dr. Robert Sadoff, one of the nation’s leading forensic psychiatrists, will discuss these and other issues on Friday, March 26, 1999 at 9:30 a.m. at the University of South Florida’s Westside Conference Center. The forum is being sponsored by the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute’s Department of Mental Health Law & Policy.

Dr. Sadoff will discuss the multiple issues confronted by mental health professionals asked to provide evaluations and treatment in capital sentencing cases. He will talk about what constitutes sound clinical practice in such settings, as well as the ethical questions that confront practitioners, such as the propriety of providing mental health treatment to an individual on death row. Dr. Sadoff will discuss his experience in a number of capital cases, including the Danny Rolling case. Rolling has been on death row since 1994 after confessing to the murders of five students in Gainesville.

Dr. Sadoff has examined more than 8,000 individuals charged with crimes over the past 30 years and has testified for both the prosecution and defense in state and federal court cases. He is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the Center for Studies in Social-Legal Psychiatry and Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Sadoff has also been a recipient of the Guttmacher Award, the highest award given by the American Psychiatric Association for contributions to forensic psychiatry.

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