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" USF Professor Dr. Robert Friedman Addresses President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health"

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(Tampa, August 2, 2002)

On April 29, 2002, President Bush followed through with his pledge to support the 54 million Americans with mental and physical disabilities, establishing the Presidentís New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. With a goal of advising the President on the United States mental health service delivery system, the Commission will meet monthly to provide recommendations and improvements that will enable adults with serious mental illnesses and children with serious emotional disturbances to live, work, learn, and participate fully in their communities

Priorities and processes for the Commission's work were established June 18 & 19 at a meeting in Pentagon City, Virginia. The first monthly scheduled meeting occurs July 17 Ė19 2002 in Washington DC, and CFS Chair Robert Friedman has been asked to provide an overview of the mental health issues for the nationís children. Nationally recognized as an expert in the field of childrenís mental health, Dr. Friedman contributed to the first ever Surgeonís Generals Report on Mental Health, which is being used as background material for the Commission.

Dr. Friedman is Professor and Chair of the Department of Child and Family Studies, a multi-disciplinary department that strives to improve the well-being of families and children through applied research, training and education, evaluation, and dissemination of information. It is one of three academic departments at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Since 1984 Dr. Friedman has also served as Director of the Research and Training Center for Childrenís Mental Health, one of two such centers in the U.S. He has published and presented more than 140 papers and articles.

Dr. Friedman is co-author with Beth Stroul of, A System of Care for Children and Youth with Severe Emotional Disturbances, a monograph which has been widely used across the country to plan service delivery systems. He is also co-editor of a Paul H. Brookes book series on systems of care, co-editor of several special journals on childrenís mental health, and co-editor of a book entitled, Advocacy on Behalf of Children with Serious Emotional Problems.

Dr. Friedman has served on many national committees including the Planning Board for the Surgeon Generalís Report on Mental Health, has chaired task forces and review panels for the federal government, and has provided Congressional testimony on several occasions. He served as Co-Chair for the Childrenís Workgroup of the Florida Commission on Mental Health and Substance Abuse in 2000, and recently produced a report capturing themes from similar commissions from 13 states.

In addition to his national work, Dr. Friedman has served on many local, state, and university committees. He currently serves as co-chair of the steering committee for the USF Collaborative for Children, Families, and Communities.

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The Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS) is a department of the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida. The faculty and staff of CFS are committed to enhancing the development, mental health and well-being of children and families through leadership in integrating research, theory & practice.

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