Taylor F. D. Vigoureux

Taylor F. D. Vigoureux

Research Interests

My areas of passion for research are centered around quality-of-life issues among cancer patients, survivors, and the nurses who care for them. From early in my graduate studies, I have been drawn to the predictors and consequences of stress. However, my research interests expanded to include sleep health. Specifically, I explore how sleep and stress are related to each other, to daily well being (e.g., emotions, physical symptoms), and to long-term health consequences (e.g., obesity, cardiovascular health, cancer progression and survival). I generally apply micro-longitudinal methods to explore these dynamics because I feel strongly that understanding things at a daily level provide a deeper understanding of where to intervene. For instance, my work highlights the importance of the daily sleep—stress relationship for short-term and long-term health among vulnerable populations.


Stress; sleep; well-being; affect; cancer survivorship; quality-of-life; aging across the lifespan; micro-longitudinal methods (e.g., daily diary, ecological momentary assessment, actigraphy); allostatic load; nurses; middle-aged workers; multilevel modeling.


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Graduate Teaching

GEY4612: Psychology of Aging

DEP2004: Life Cycle