Kallol Kumar Bhattacharyya

Kallol Kumar Bhattacharyya

Personal Information

I am a family physician from India, with nearly two decades of clinical experience. I am particularly focused on the individualized care provided in institutional settings, especially nursing homes, and interested to investigate how residents’ satisfaction level and subsequent complaints (if any) help to identify flaws in the care delivery system. I am also interested on some alternative therapeutic interventions on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. I want to have the education needed to reach beyond medical model treatments and provide older adults with more holistic management that maximizes their quality of life, especially while living with dementia.


2019 – Present 

2017 - 2019

1994 - 1999

PhD in Aging Studies, University of South Florida  

MA in Gerontology, Georgia State University

MBBS (Bachelor on Medicine and Surgery), University of Calcutta

Major Research Interest

  1. Alternative therapeutic intervention in the management of dementia
  2. Mindfulness activities to improve quality of life of persons with dementia
  3. Improvement of health policy for older adults
  4. Longevity from Indian perspective


ORCID iD:-  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0689-6592

LinkedIn ID:-www.linkedin.com/in/kallol-kumar-bhattacharyya-0210b673