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CBCS Strategic Initiative Update


March 2018


Goal One of the CBCS Strategic Plan includes an initiative to prepare students for productive careers. The Florida Education and Training Information Program (FETPIP) is one of the primary vehicles used by the university to track our graduates. FETPIP reflects the status of our graduates in terms of employment, graduate education, and average salaries. The data are limited in that they only reflect students who are employed in the state of Florida. The CBCS objectives for this goal are to achieve employment rates, graduate school attendance rates, and entry-level salary rates at or above the SUS rate for comparable disciplines. The Strategic Plan reports baseline data based on students who graduated in 2013-14. The most recent data published were based on students who graduated in 2015-16 and were employed one year later. Highlights of the report follow:


·         Employment rates for all CBCS programs were above the SUS average in 2015-16.*


·         The percentage of students attending graduate school was at or above the SUS average in Behavioral Healthcare and Social Work. Data were not available for Aging Sciences or Long Term Care Administration.* 


·         Average Salaries were at or above the SUS average in Behavioral Healthcare, Aging Sciences, Long Term Care Administration, Social Work, and Speech Pathology.*


·         Students in Long Term Care Administration were found to have the highest entry-level salaries within the college followed by Criminology, and Social Work.

*Note that two programs in the college (Behavioral Healthcare and Aging Sciences) are the only undergraduate program in the state so the comparison with the SUS is a self-comparison.


Additional information about the FETPIP data will be provided in the 2017-18 Annual Report that will be posted on the CBCS website on April 16th.








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