Sandra L. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Sandra L. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Gerontology/Public Policy 1996, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Description of Research Interests

Dr. Reynolds has had a long-standing interest in guardianship, advance directives, and legal and ethical issues in aging. She has published extensively on guardianship and advance directives, as well as trends in health. While her research interests still include legal and ethical issues in aging, particularly in the area of guardianship and financial exploitation, her recent focus on aging research relates to the impact of obesity.

Obesity has uncertain effects on mortality in older adults, but fairly clearly negative effects on physical functioning. Dr. Reynolds’ current research involves the impact of obesity on both disability and disease. Dr. Reynolds is currently examining differences in active life expectancy in obese and non-obese older adults. Dr. Reynolds is also working with several colleagues on an NIH grant proposal to study obesity’s effects on mortality, morbidity, and disability.


PubMed Publications Opens in a new window

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Honors and Awards

2011: University of South Florida, Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.

2010: University of South Florida, Innovative Teaching Opportunities with iPads Program ($1000).

2010: University of South Florida, iTOPP project, entitled "Adapting General Education Courses to Online Format," ($2,000).

2003:  University of South Florida, Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.

2002, April 11; Award for Excellence in Research, Center for Hospice, Palliative Care and End-of-Life Studies, University of South Florida.  Rosnick, C. B., & Reynolds, S. L., Thinking Ahead: Factors Associated with Executing Advance Directives.

2001, Elected Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America

2011, Elected Fellow of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education

Guest Editor, October 1999 Issue, Journal of Ethics, Law, and Aging

NIA Summer Research Institute, attended 1997.

National Institutes of Health Study Sections:
Special Interest Panels:
Population Studies:  February, 2005; October, 2005; July, 2007; July, 2009; April, 2010

Elder Mistreatment:  November, 2005; March, 2007
Community-Level Health Promotion (CLHP), Sept. 2011;  February, 2012 (upcoming) 

Classes Taught


Introduction to Gerontology, Public Policy Analysis, Business Management in an Aging Society, Sociocultural Aspects of Aging, Women and Aging, Death & Dying, Gerontological Research Methods, Elder Abuse & Neglect.


Interdisciplinary Doctoral Seminar on Health and Aging, Population and Aging, The Aging Family, Gerontological Research and Planning, Gerontological Concepts and Issues, Social Policy and Aging, Geriatric Rotation for Second Year Medical Students (participant), Women and Aging, Elder Abuse & Neglect.