Eddins, David, Ph.D., CCC-A

Eddins, David, Ph.D., CCC-A

Dr. David A. Eddins is Professor in the Departments of Communication Sciences & Disorders and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Florida and is co-director (with Ann Clock Eddins) of the Auditory & Speech Sciences Laboratory and an Associate Director of the Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research.  His laboratory discoveries include establishing the frequency independence of auditory temporal processing, pioneering a linear systems approach to establish the principles underlying auditory spectral pattern perception, and the development of novel methods for understanding the perception of dysphonic voice due to pathology or trauma. The work in Dr. Eddins’ labs at the University of South Florida focuses on identifying, understanding, and modeling normal and abnormal auditory perception; methods for ameliorating such deficits, including the use of hearing enhancement devices; the development of novel diagnostic tools; and the development of hardware and software solutions for hearing related pathologies. Research in the labs rely on behavioral, electro-acoustic, and electrophysiological methods to assess auditory perception in normal hearing and the deficits associated with hearing loss, brain injury, normal aging, tinnitus, hyperacusis, and co-morbid medical conditions. Trained as a classical psychoacoustician and a clinical audiologist, Dr. Eddins also is actively engaged in clinical trials involving diagnostic tools and hearing enhancement devices. His research has been funded by NIH, NSF, DoD, and corporate collaborators.

A.B. (Speech & Hearing) University of North Carolina 1986
M.S. (Audiology) University of North Carolina 1988

Clinical Fellowship in Audiology

VAMC Long Beach, CA 1989
Ph.D. (Experimental Pyschology) University of Florida 1993

Post Doctoral Fellowship (Psychology)

University of Florida 1994

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